The Taybank - Scotland's Musical Meeting Place and Stovie House

The Taybank
After finishing the 'Sphering' we found a great pub in Dunkeld. The Tayburn is situated on the banks of the river Tay. Across the river is Birnam Hill (made famous in 'Macbeth')

The Taybank is described as 'Scotland's Musical Meeting Place and Stovie House' I love the idea of a 'Stovie House' and there were six different types of Stovies on the menu. The food was excellent. The pub was also once owned by singer / songwriter Dougie Maclean and his wife Jennifer. There are photos all over the wall of the folk sessions that take place every night. Unfortunatley we were just passing through but I plan to return one weekend to stay the night and stick about for a session.