House sale still not complete

It's so frustrating, our purchasers still haven't signed the missives on the flat and our moving date is just over two weeks away. About three years ago we had a 'dangerous buildings notice' placed on our building by the local council because of a dangerous chimney that had been damaged by storms. The roof was also in a bad state of repair so all eight neighbours chipped in and got the place re-roofed and the dangerous chimney removed. It cost us over 50 grand in total between the eight of us and the council then removed the notices. Now the property search carried out by our purchaser has included the notices as if they were outstanding. The council have confirmed to me that this is a mistake, the search company simply has out of date data. Now we need to get that in writing from the council. I eventually took time off work today to go to the council in person as it was taking so long. Hopefuly the documents I got will do the trick.