I eventually got Grace's passport application off today. We've only got six weeks left before we head to Spain so didn't want to leave it any longer.

The biggest challenge was the photos, you obviously can't sit a three week old baby in a photo booth, but I found quite a few guides online on how to do it yourself. There's a great site called epassportphoto that will let you upload a photo you have taken and format it correctly for passports in your country.

My first effort was rejected at the post office as my thumbs were visible in the photo (as I tried to hold Grace up for the camera) and seemingly they are very strict about any other part of another person being visible in the shot. I tried again by sitting Grace in her chair with a white muslin square behind her head to create the light background. The photo to the left was the result and passed inspection today at the post office's passport checking service. She does look a bit grim but I suppose we all do in passport photos :)

The thing I find strange is that these kids passports are valid for five years. I asked if the photo would be OK for five years and was told that's the reason they don't last ten years, so the kid won't change too much. So no big changes expected between three weeks and five years then!