Spain 2017

Day One

Travelling today, James's first time on a plane and he was good as gold. We used doyouspain for car hire but wouldn't again as we were charged twice for a fuel service charge (by them and Centauro. I wouldn't choose Centauro again either as they have moved away from the airport and our full tank of petrol was only three quarters full. But despite these small hasels it's great to be back and the kids are very excited!

Day Two

We headed down to the port today to have some lunch and buy our inflatables. James got to paddle in the sea then we headed back to the apartment and the pool.


Day Three

Grace, James and I took a walk down to Isla Plana around lunch, we headed for the social club and the kids got ice lollies and played in the park. In the pool again after lunch to play with the new inflatables we got today and then we headed to the beach around 5pm, quite quiet at this time of year but very nice. We then finished off with with dinner at El Palenque which was great as usual. Grace exhausted by dinner though, need to try a siesta tomorrow.

Day Four

We had a lazy day today, went down to the pool and then Lynsey and I went out to dinner ourselves in La Azohia. Unfortunatley the Antipodas Tavern was closed so we went to La Bolega Molina instead, I made the mistake of ordering steak, their version of well done had over an inch of raw meat in the middle. i sent it back and got another raw steak as a replacement. Eventually they butterflied and it was edible, overpriced too so would not go back. We also couldn't find a bar open afterwards so ended up walking all the way back to Isla Plana which took almost an hour, if we didn't have a torch on our phone we'd have been screwed :)

Day Five

We headed up to Orihuela today to visit Darrena for the weekend. We hit the beach in the afternoon then out for a chinese for dinner. 

Day Six

We spent the day at the Olympia pool bar in Mil Palmeras today, the kids had a blast, we had dinner on the strip then headed home, Lynsey and Darrena went out for their night out and I stayed in with the kids. Unfortunatley James woke up in tears so Lynsey got called back early about 1am.

Day Seven

We headed back to Isla Plan today and stopped of at Cartagena on the way for the afternoon. It was really hot but nice walking about the city. Half of the holiday gone already!

Day Eight

We ended up taking a trip back to Cartagena again today to go to the Mall looking for patio furniture, the kids got some more pool toys and we picked up the cool snorkel masks in Decathalon.

Day Nine

Today we went to the aquavera waterpark in Vera :) It's always one of my favourite trips on holiday. It was Jame's first time and he loved it, Grace was tired from too many late nights and not enough siestas but she had a great time too and went on most of the flumes, Still to tempt her onto the kamikaze, maybe next year :)

Day Ten

Today Grace, James, Lynsey and I went down to the Port for breakfast in the Market Tavern then took a walk along the front to play in the play park. In the evening we all walked down to La Chara for dinner which was lovely as usual.

Day Eleven

Grace and I headed out to get churros for breakfast in the morning, her friend Luca was coming to visit today so Grace and her Pappy picked him up from School and we went for lunch then back to the pool.

Day Twelve

Grace and I had an exciting morning when an ultra rare Pokemon showed up in the near by list on Pokemon Go. We were in the middle of watching The Return of the Jedi but immediately jumped in the car and drove to the Pokestop where Grace managed to catch Miltank! Later we drove over to Bolnuevo and ate at the blues house then down to the beach. Lynsey and I wend down to the port for a few drinks in the evening.

Day Thirteen

Today we went to the Peke Park in La Manga. Great fun :)

Day Fourteen

Our last full day already! We went to El Faro but the pool wasn't open, headed down to Viggo's for dinner then to the little fair. Grace said it was her favourite night of her holiday :)

Day Fifteen

Heading home this afternoon time for a final dip in the pool then off to the airport.

We've had a great time and can't wait to get back, I've been reading 'Natchez Burning' on the kindle which has been great and listening to 'Gerald's game' on audible during my daily walks with James through Mojon Hills trying to get him to sleep. Back to reality tomorrow.